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Stimulating me…..the right way | Just Call Lauren
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So. Every once in a while, I get a REALLY wonderful call. I mean…I think I consider ALL of my phone sex calls to be awesome, but once in a while, I find myself on the phone with a guy who is not only sexy, but who stimulates me intellectually, AND, who manages to be a gentleman throughout the entire call. And by “gentleman”, I mean (in case you were wondering) a guy who never feels the urge to say, “So, is your pussy wet, baby? Tell me what you want to do to me.” Cause just in case there are still a few of you out there who think that’s the perfect “starter line” for a phone sex call? Umm, no. That does nothing for us girls. Except turn us off to even the thought of talking about letting you fuck us. Really. I promise.

Anyway, why am I describing all of this to you, you ask? Because last night, I found myself in the (telephone) company of a real gentleman, who I’ll call FM for now…who renewed my faith in the *whole* gender of Man. Really! I had THAT much fun talking with him! I can’t decide which I liked most…the fact that he was willing to submit totally to my recently “recessive” dominant tendencies, or that he was totally just as happy to discuss the new XMen movie at length with me, down to the comic book details!! Wait…maybe the best part was how he made me cum over and over…to the point where I could barely stand to touch my pussy anymore!! I don’t know…but if you’re reading this, you sweet, sweet man…know that I thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent together last night….I only wish we could have kept talking longer than the 4 hours we stayed on the phone!

BUT, the point there is…I’m finding that, in this little phone sex endeavor of mine, that I’ve been very lucky to meet some of the most wonderfully kinky men…ones who are actually into the *mind* play….who realize that sometimes? It’s just as erotic to engage a girls’ brain as it is to engage her pussy. NOW. This is not to say that I don’t enjoy the random, nameless phone fucking that you all know I love so much!! It’s just to gently remind you that sometimes? I like to engage my mind, too…. And when you connect with me intellectually? Oh boy…. let’s just say that a mentally stimulated Sexy Lil Lauren is NOT for the faint of heart!! :)

I don’t think I’m going to log on and take calls tonight…I have some reading to catch up on and some TV to watch and laundry to do. But I will be home~so if any of you have missed me or are just dying to cum with me? Just click the “arrange a call” button up to your right and arrange a call with me! I promise, I’ll take your call as soon as I see it. And I’ll be back online and ready to play with you on Monday night.

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